Business & Commercial Litigation

Providing legal representation to clients injured by a breach of contract actions, business disputes, employment contracts, unfair competition, business torts, contractual disputes governed by the U.C.C. and intra-corporate disputes.

Business Acquisition & Development

Whether your business is acquiring another entity, is in the midst of its own development, and/or is in the process of increasing its market share, The Lorenc Law Firm will fully handle the drafting & negotiating of contracts, incorporation documents, business registrations across the nation, commercial lien searches, and state-by-state business licensing.

Real Estate

Commercial:  Having performed legal work for real estate developers and building contractors operating, in the New York Metropolitan area, The Lorenc Law Firm is adept and fully prepared to handle all legal issues from purchase & sales contracts, zoning applications, general contractor/sub contractor contract negotiation, and payment dispute arbitration for commercial, residential, or mixed use development properties.

Individual: Real Estate Closings, Landlord tenant disputes, Building permit applications.


The drafting, enforcement, and/or defense of restrictive covenants and non-competition agreements, benefit packages; drafting and negotiation of employment contracts, offer letters, and severance agreements; litigating and the settlement of tortious interference with contract suites.

Sexual Harassment

Prosecution-  Often Sexual Harassment claims can be settled between parties without long drawn out law suites that expose the victim to reliving the abusive and illegal behavior of their employer.  However, The Lorenc Law Firm treats each individual case as though it will go to trial from the moment you enter the office.  The Firm will assess your individual harassment claim and work with for you to achieve the most successful result.   Defense-  Every day businesses are subject to sexual harassment suites.  Whether these suites are valid or not can be determined through a carefully and discretely handled process.  The Lorenc Law Firm will assess the validity of the claim against your business and fight vigorously to limit the exposure of your company.

Personal Injury

Many injured persons are led to believe that they are the ones responsible for their injury.  Often, that is simply not the case.  The Lorenc Law Firm will vigorously fight for our clients right to be appropriately compensated for the injuries that they have received. 

Criminal & Civil Citation

The Lorenc Law Firm will vigorously fight for and protect the rights of clients with criminal and civil citation charges encompassing DWI, Narcotics Possession, and Traffic Violations.